Just thinking...

There is a space reserved in my heart for Karis and Company and its success. It has been 4 very discouraging years, but I haven't given up. I've taken breaks... long breaks, but I always come back and I try again. It's hard being introverted in such an extroverted driven place. I feel awkward here. My comfort is in the quiet and chaotic spots in my home with my children and my craft room! 

I have to remind myself that this all came about because there are some very dedicated NICU Nurses that loved Karis and even me back to life for 3 months. The only way I could think to show my forever gratitude was to make these wonky little badge reels!

Gifting is my love language and I couldn't wait to hand them out. You would have thought I gave out Tiffany bracelets with all the ouuus and ahhhs. My heart was so happy!